- Microbial volatile organic compounds under global climate change 

We know very little about how soil microbial volatile organic compounds (VOCs) look like under global warming. We are investigating how VOC profiles changes under warming and nitrogen fertilization and if the emission of VOCs alter soil microbial communities and the cycling of carbon. 

For this project, we are working in the LTER SWaN at Harvard Forest in collaboration with Dr. Serita Frey from the University of New Hampshire and Dr. Riikka Rinnan from the University of Copenhagen. 

- Linking genes to traits in fungi for ecological research ​(checkout ESA talk video on Scicomm/videos tab)

- Response of microbes to climate change induced environmental stressors

How are desert microbial communities changing in response to global climate change? We're particularly interested in knowing how microbial functional groups are changing and what may be the consequences to ecosystem processes. We're also interested in exploring which microbial ecological traits may be under selection and provide an advantage to microbes under global climate change. 


- Fungi in deserts

We are interested in learning how fungal processes, growth and decomposition, look like in deserts.