Useful resources not organized in any particular order:


- Ten simple rules towards healthier research labs

- The importance of stupidity in scientific research

- Ten simple rules for better figures 

- Ten simple rules for structuring papers

- Ten simple rules to becoming a principal investigator 

- Tips for organizing data on spreadsheets 

- Quick references for data visualization

- How to construct a summary paragraph 

- Writing a scientific paper, step by painful step by Kevin D. Lafferty 

- Writing Science by Josh Schimel 

- If you're planning on pursuing a postdoc after your PhD, here's a timeline for a postdoc plan

- If you're interested in a career in academia, Dr. Kathleen Treseder has compiled some very good resources on what you need to be competitive for a faculty position. Here's a compilation of the number of applications and rejections Dr. Romero-Olivares received when she was on the job market: 

how many applications.jpg


- The essential of effective writing - A revised alternative guide for authors

- Cientifico Latino is a great resource for undergraduates, grad school applicants, grad students, and postdocs. 

- GeoLatinas is a really amazing initiative to find a community of Latinx in GeoSciences. Dr. Romero-Olivares is very active in their writing accountability group: 

- WOCinEEB, if you identify as a woman or a non-binary person of color in the field of Ecology and Evolution please join this wonderful community