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In this lab we follow these rules: "Ten simple rules to building an anti-racist lab" by Dr. Bala Chaudhary and Dr. Asmeret Asefaw Berhe


We also support: 

- Decolonize science reading list by Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein 

- Equity reading list by Dr. Needhi Bhalla

- Liberatory design mindset

- Response to 10 common criticisms of anti-racism action in STEM

- We discuss papers retweeted by @EEB_POC (more info on this initiative here) 


Writing contributions by Dr. Romero-Olivares: 

- "Los hongos y el cambio climático" for the Revista de la Universidad de México. 

- "What will it take to decolonize ecology?", a collaboration with Dr. Kashwan. 

- "It's past time to treat international students as more than just money makers for universities" While the #StudentBan is not a threat right now, the shortcomings that it exposed still are. 

- Tired about hearing "Women supervisors are abusive and obsessed with their careers", I wrote for SISTER to talk about how "Sexism shapes the way we think about women supervisors in STEM". 

Da click en la liga para la versión en español: "El sexismo moldea la forma en la que pensamos de las supervisoras en las ciencias

- Transitioning from postdoc to PI and how privilege has played a role on this, featured on The Xylom

Para versión en español: "En transición: de postdoc a profesor investigador"

- Peer-review as it's currently done, disproportionately harms minoritized people in STEM. I gave my personal opinion on how we can improve the peer-review system. "Rude paper reviews are pervasive and sometimes harmful, study finds" 

- As the chair of the MSA Diversity & Inclusion Committee, I worked with my colleague Danny Haelewaters (former chair and lead of the initiative), on this piece looking at challenges LGBT+ people face when conducting fieldwork  


- For inclusive science we must "Review with Care". I shared my working life story with Science Magazine

Da click en la liga para leer una traducción en español: "Revisores, no sean groseros con autores cuyo idioma nativo no es el inglés" 

- Colonization practices in ecology are a problem. We discuss what colonization looks like in ecology and how we can "Decolonize ecology for socially just science" featured in Science Connected Magazine 

- The Professor Is In => "The power of privilege, a Mexican ecologist in academia in the USA

- #MakeUpMonday The Professor Is In => "Unapologetically "Too Ethnic" for STEM (and on a budget)"

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